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Weston Development Group, Inc. is a collaboration of two principals – Sotir Papalilo and Mark C. O’Hagan.

Sotir Papalilo has been involved in the real estate industry for more than 30 years and has developed in excess of 700 residential homes. His long standing success can be attributed to gaining extensive experience in land development, designing and constructing aesthetically pleasing homes at prices that properly reflect existing market conditions, and, most importantly, the total dedication to customer satisfaction. He has specialized in the development of predominantly residential condominium and single family communities.

Mark C. O’Hagan is based in Harvard, Massachusetts and has been involved in real estate development and marketing for over 20 years. Mr. O’Hagan focuses on working with local communities to create developments that are an asset to the host community, financially successful and most importantly – provide excellent value and a wonderful environment for our homebuyers.

This collaborative between Papalilo and O’Hagan focuses on customer service, satisfaction and finding our clients the home they desire.

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